Getting Advertisers Back, Strategies to Re-Ignite the Marketing Conversation

2020 Ryan Dohrn Webinar Series: Getting Advertisers Back, Strategies to Re-Ignite the Marketing Conversation

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COVID-19 was devastating for most local, regional, and national businesses.  So, how do we as sales pros sympathize, but get back to that much-needed marketing conversation?  Ad sales coach Ryan Dohrn will share 7 ways to re-ignite the conversation with style, ideas, and realistic expectations.  From explaining the "marketing bump" to email templates to subject lines to perfect call times, come prepared to laugh and learn from a guy that has touched over half a billion dollars in ad sales over his 30-year career.   

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In this free webinar sponsored by The Magazine Manager and The Newspaper Manager, award-winning media sales strategy coach, Ryan Dohrn, shows strategies for getting advertisers back!

About Ryan Dohrn

Ryan Dohrn is the host of the #1 iTunes podcast Ad Sales Nation and has trained over 20,000 medias salespeople in 7 countries. His 28-year media career spans consumer, B2B, traditional, and digital media brands from Disney to PennWell. He is also the Founder of Brain Swell Media, an international keynote speaker, an Emmy Award winner, best-selling book author, and he still sells media today.

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